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Our tours take you to off-the-beaten-track destinations away from mainstream tourism. You get the genuine feeling you are experiencing something unique and unexpected. 

Our mission is for you to have an experience of a lifetime; relishing in the epic cycling or hiking and all the carefully curated adventures or activities organized during your getaway.  


Our goal is to help you attain some of your cycling goals and hiking goals throughout your stay, give you a quick immersion in local culture, language, food, and wine, and provide a slow and more intimate view of your surroundings. 

​Cycling tours are designed to accommodate intermediate to more advanced cyclists with routes ranging from 60 to 100+ kms over varied terrain with some moderate to strenuous, but achievable, climbs.

Hiking tours vary from 3 to 7 hours hikes in pre-mountain and mountainous terrains reaching altitudes of about 2500 metres.

We offer guided and self-guided options.  Look for the self-guided information for each tour option.

All our guided tours are accompanied by friendly certified, experienced, and knowledgeable guides.

Born out of women for women, Go Cycle Tours also specialises in "Women Only" guided cycling and hiking tours. Designed for those women looking to get out of their comfort zone and share the sisterhood of (no blood) lots of sweat and maybe a few tears, but guaranteed laughter.


An important word about our environment. We offer eco-friendly, responsible, and sustainable tourism. We feel proud to be able to share these pristine places with you knowing our impact on the natural surroundings is minimum, yet our impact on the local economy is significant, helping maintain the population of these rural areas.


Go Cycle Gredos

Gredos is our best-kept secret, but it's too good not to share this exclusive experience that includes an epic tour of the best cycling and pro-Vuelta rides in Spain.

Nestled in the Central Mountain system just over 2 hours west of Madrid, near the UNESCO capital of Avila, Gredos is a true cycling paradise steeped in history, tradition, local gastronomy and wines.

woman cycling on a mountain road full of yellow flowers

Go Cycle and Hike El Escorial

Go Cycle and Hike the Sierra of Guadarrama 50kms from Madrid and be immersed not only in the beauty of its fragrant pine forests but also in the deep history of its towns and monuments, like the Royal Monastery of El Escorial. You will feel like royalty crowning the peaks of Abantos or el Puerto de Malagón, a Vuelta Category 1 climb.


Go Hike the Pyrenees

Grab your hiking shoes and poles because we have a luxury tour that will literally take your breath away! 

In collaboration with Pyrenees Travels, we are excited to offer you one of the best-curated tours to explore the Pyrenees.  

You will be amazed at the diversity of the landscape and climate, not to mention the impressive scenery and deep history.  You will be pampered in boutique accommodations, delighted with mouth-watering meals featuring local cuisine and of course paired with de-vine wines.

Pyrenees Travels Pirineo Aragones Reportaje Ojos Pirenaicos Octubre 2019-264.jpg

Go Cycle Segovia

Go Cycle the land of fairy-tale castles, knights in shining armour, Catholic Kings, and Roman ruins. Pedal your way through ancient Roman paths to UNESCO sites with monuments that would amaze any traveller. In spectacular Segovia, we will take you up snow-capped peaks, over rolling plains, through deep river valleys, and into ancient villages.


Go Hike Gredos

Gredos is the training ground for many of Spain's mountaineering legends, and was the "playground" for many kings.  You will discover the picture-perfect cirque; its iconic peaks and lakes, the royal trail, and local inhabitants; the Ibex, and the hundreds of varieties of birds, including the griffon vultures, that attract watchers from abroad. 


Coming soon

Our R&D (route development in Go Cycle lingo) machine never stops exploring new destinations, routing new tours, and discovering local gastronomies, wines, and other pleasant surprises.  Throughout the year, you can follow us on our social media (FB and IG) and see some of the destinations we explore.  We are very picky about what we determine as a cycling or hiking paradise...we have our set of criteria so that we can guarantee a unique and epic cycling or hiking experience of a lifetime. Stay tuned!


Don't just take our word for it, check out what other Go Cyclists say about their experience of a lifetime

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