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Go Hike Gredos is a product of our love of the inspiring and invigorating mountains in the Gredos area that have accompanied us on our rides.

On this hiking tour, you will be walking in the footsteps of kings and world-renowned mountaineers. You will literally trek on royal trails (trocha real) in this spectacular mountain range in central Spain, located approximately 100 km west of Madrid. Part of the Sistema Central mountain range, Gredos Regional Park stretches for about 150 km from east to west and includes the highest peaks, like the Pico Almanzor, towering at an elevation of 2,592 meters.

The Gredos mountain range is characterized by its rugged granite terrain, with steep valleys, deep gorges, and rocky peaks, and features the breathtaking Gredos Cirque, also known as the "Circo de Gredos" in Spanish, a natural amphitheatre surrounded by lofty peaks, located in the heart of this mountain range. It is a glacial valley formed during the last Ice Age and is considered one of the most impressive natural landscapes in Spain.

The area is known for its rich biodiversity, with a wide range of flora and fauna. You will discover the "keepers" of these mountains; the many endemic species, such as the Gredos ibex, a wild mountain goat that is only found in this area, as well as hundreds of species of birds including the imposing griffon vulture, the Imperial Spanish eagle, and the familiar red kite.

You will trek through well-marked trails and routes that offer stunning views of the surrounding landscape and immerse yourself in the region's natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. This trip to hiking paradise is designed to delight all your senses with an intimate view of this stunning region paired with a carefully curated gastronomical, cultural, and well-being offering. 

The Gredos mountains are calling...and you must go.

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Guided Package Includes

5 nights accommodation at boutique superior 3-star hotel


Meals include: Gourmet breakfast and Gourmet Evening Dinners by award-winning local Chef Roberto García and his team


Exclusive Go Cycle T-Shirt

Beer, wine, and soft drinks included with meals, snacks, power bars, and isotonic drinks and coffees on the road

Two Spa circuits

Exclusive Spanish dining experience hosted at Yardes Estate Half-day cultural activity (TBC)

Half day Cultural activity

Alternative Activity 

Bonus activity - Spanish Wine Tasting & Tapas with Certified Sommelier (W-set Level 3)

Prices start at 1950€ per person in double occupancy

Self-Guided Package Includes

Accommodation at boutique, superior 3-star hotel

Meals include: Gourmet breakfast and Gourmet Evening Dinners by award-winning local Chef Roberto García and his team. Packed picnic lunches for the route.


Exclusive Go Cycle cycling jersey

Beer, wine, or soft drinks included with meals. Isotonic powder and power bar pack provided.

Welcome drinks and orientation

Hiking maps


Phone with prepaid card for guide hotline


Prices start at 990€/person for 5 nights  based on double occupancy

You can personalise your own tour with our many add-on activities/options, starting at 25€/person

 our e-brochure today

 our e-brochure today

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