cycling is a vacation for the soul


Go Cycle Tours is a Spanish-Canadian pure life experiences purveyor, combining stimulating and challenging cycling and hiking in some of those yet to be discovered places that constitute true cycling and hiking paradises.  Our qualification of  paradise is based on different elements ranging from scenery to the quality and quietness of roads, variety and challenges of routes to cultural experiences, fine cuisine and oenological discoveries. Our goal is also to promote these cycling paradises in a sustainable, responsible way, supporting the local community and businesses of these rural areas we have come to know and love.

Last but certainly not least, these tours are inspired by our love of cycling and appreciation of our natural surroundings - what better way to enjoy nature than to be a part of it in a non-invasive way. For that purpose and to extend this unique experience we have also developed Go Hike Tours - switching out the bike saddle for some hiking boots and venturing into those spectacular mountains that have accompanied us on so many of our rides. So whether you bike or hike, you now have the perfect excuse to create your own experience of a lifetime.


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