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Virtual Wine Tour Stage 1

Here is a quick introduction to what this wine tour is going to be and an overview of what to expect and a few useful tools to "pack" for this journey.

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Virtual Wine Tour Stage 4

In this stage 4, we are going to discover different grape varieties in Spain as well as a list of my favourite of Spanish wines that you can purchase outside Spain. Enjoy!


Virtual Wine Tour Stage 2

In this video we are now going to get into the 3 phases of wine tasting and discuss why each phase is important and what it tells us about the wine. 

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Virtual Wine Tour Stage 5

Let's learn how reds, whites and sparkling wines are made and the differences between Champagne, Cava and Prosecco. We'll identify the ageing categories of wines in Spain. 


Virtual Wine Tour Stage 3

Today we travel the wine regions in Spain, their classifications, and dive into geography and climate and the impact on wine.

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