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Stage 3 of our Wine Tour of Spain - Regions, Geography and Climate

We are taking off on Stage 3 of our Wine Tour of Spain. In this stage I have allowed myself to get a bit technical and go a bit crazy - there are so many interesting factors that contribute to good and distinctive wines especially terroir; geography, soil and climate. I realise I repeat incredible, fantastic, amazing, wonderful...over and over again. I guess I am a bit passionate when I speak about Spanish Wines... I need to apologize in advance as this section is a bit longer than I intended - go ahead and skip over when you want, I won´t be offended::)) there is just so much to tell you... I hope you enjoy this part of our adventure together and I promise I will be briefer (if that's a word) in my next stages. I am also attaching some slides so you can copy the links, zoom in etc. Enjoy the ride!!


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