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Is Cycling really the new golf, or even better

Check out the above article which discusses how cycling is, in some cases, replacing golf as a networking activity. I actually think cycling can do much more for businesses than just networking, which I am not underestimating, and even add to their bottom line. Cycling, especially in small groups, is not just an experience of personal effort, perseverance, pushing beyond your comfort zone, enjoying reaching some of your fitness goals, but as a group you start to live, share and support all the aforementioned with your cycling partners. You feel their pain, understand their frustration and see just how they push themselves - in short you empathise as you share a similar experience and reach for similar goals. That empathy makes you want your fellow cyclists or team members to succeed in reaching their goals; whether reaching the top of a mountain pass, or finishing the last 10 of 100k ride. You will even support them; cheering them on, giving them part of your power bar, helping them fix a flat tire or even let them draft for a bit if they are starting to fade. This is called teambuilding in the corporate world. This is not the Tour de France or even a Gran Fondo (which have come to have the feel of a Tour - unfortunately), this is just a groups of people sharing a common experience with a common goal. There is no prize, nobody wins rather everyone is a winner of their shared experience. No more no less. One word of caution however, please park your ego at the door, this is just like golf where not everyone has a +4 handicap.

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