Come join us for a different Go Cycle experience. Get off the bike and grab your hiking shoes and poles because we have a tour that will literally take your breath away! 



In collaboration with our partners, Pyrenees Travels, we are excited to offer you one of the best tours you will find of the different Pyrenee Valleys and Parks. 



You will be amazed at the diversity of the landscape and climate not to mention the impressive scenery and views.  And as always, in fine Go Cycle style, we love to see you pampered in boutique accommodations, paired with mouth-watering meals featuring local cuisine and of course paired with de-vine wines - tried and tested by a certified sommelier.

Come and let us take you to new heights and discover hilltop castles, roman churches, ancient caves and Moorish influenced towns reconquered by Aragon Kings. Come and discover the magic and mystery of the Pyrenee valleys and its people.  Another off the beaten track destination for you to reawaken your senses and connect with an authentic part of yourself and Spain.  

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