Come and Go Cycle some of the best and most scenic routes central Spain has to offer. Gredos is our best-kept secret but it's too good not to share an exclusive experience that includes an intimate tour of the best cycling in Spain, a quick immersion in the language, local food and culture and an opportunity to do this with people who share a common vision of a well-balanced life! Nestled in the Central Mountain system just over 2 hours west of Madrid, near the UNESCO capital of Avila, Gredos is enveloped in some the same mysticism as the renown Saint Theresa of Avila. Once you experience it, it will mark you forever. Come and discover a pristine Spain, steeped in sporting history written by world-renown cyclists, soccer greats and mountaineers. Come and discover a region that still maintains many old traditions as a part of its essence. Come and let your heart and soul be captured by Go Cycle and Gredos...you won't regret it.

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The trip package includes:

  1. 7 night’s accommodation at a superior 3-star hotel

  2. Meals include: Gourmet breakfast and Gourmet Evening Dinners by award-winning local Chef Roberto García and his team

  3. Exclusive Go Cycle cycling jersey

  4. Beer, wine and soft drinks included with meals, snacks and power bars and isotonic drinks and coffees on the road

  5. Two Spa circuits 

  6. Exclusive Spanish dining experience hosted at Yardes Estate 

  7. Half-day cultural activity (TBC)

  8. Half day Trek into the Gredos mountains

  9. Bonus activity - Spanish Wine Tasting & Tapas with Certified Sommelier (W-set Level 3)


Prices starting at 1900euro/per person in double occupancy


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